Serial entrepreneur, investor, project owner, business angel in the field of advanced IT solutions.

Alexander Peterman

I got interested in computer technology at an early age. While my classmates were playing computer games, I studied the source codes of the pages of the largest portals at that time.
I applied the acquired knowledge to create personal websites, a blog, and first paid projects that turned out to be commercially successful.
I started making my own money by buying/selling domain names on the Internet.
My first check on my name from Google for ad revenue received in 2008.

I participated in many projects that did not become successful and failed, but in which I gained invaluable experience.

Since 2017 I have been the head and co-founder of the investment company, which operates in the field of Web3, blockchain technologies, and modern decentralized finance.

I also plan to launch new international projects in the area of artificial intelligence, advertising technologies, blockchain, and investment solutions.

Key expertise

- Vision for new trends, ability to drive innovative projects 1-1.5 years before they become mainstream.

- Build new teams to launch projects / manage current ones

- Crisis management

- Building economic models and writing business plans

- Optimise IT business

- Preparing a company for a merger/acquisition

- Advising IT companies on buy/sell transactions

- Understanding and applying modern team management techniques

- Acting as a link between technical specialists and the creative part of the team (developers - coders and designers, marketers), communicating to both parties the essence of what needs to be done to achieve the goal and implement the project.

Areas of business that represent my interests and expertise:

- Web3

- Decentralised finance

- Artificial intelligence and its application in various fields

- Information Security (Cybersecurity)

- Online Marketing and Advertising

- Real estate investment and construction using modern technologies.

The main markets in which companies in which I have an interest operate:

- Europe (whole European Economic Area)

- Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, China up to 2017)

- The African continent.

Personal achievements

- Completely self-made. While still at school, I started creating projects from scratch without any external funding. Having gained sufficient experience and personal capital, I continue to create successful projects

- I helped my father fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. My father has now had 9 years of commercial flying experience

- I have a licence to fly a helicopter

- One of the first participants of the Estonian Digital Resident Programme

- Became a digital nomad before the term existed.


Born and raised in St Petersburg, Russia. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University in 2014. After graduation I left Russia and travelled around the world.

I have been involved in the development of the above projects in the UK, Europe, Israel and Indonesia.